Gentle & From The Heart


I believe you have been drawn here for a reason.
Are you searching for answers? Do you need some guidance and direction? I'm here to help show you that you are not alone.
You are so loved and supported by those in the spirit world.
Your angels and guides are waiting to come through and deliver you the message you need to hear most.
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Rhiannon Beall

"Janelle is seriously gifted! The reading she gave me was simply mind blowing. She described every tiny detail about my great aunt with incredible accuracy. Right down to a crocheted blanket"


Ebony Pratt

 "Thank you sooooo much for my online reading the other night...
You were spot on with sooo many things,
it really blew me away,

 including my Nana that passed away last year, it made my heart all warm and fuzzy"


Erin Moore

"I cannot thank you enough! The reading was amazing, professional and so very quick!
I loved how easy the process was and will pass on details to all who are interested!

Thank you again"


Whether we connect online, face to face or via phone, my intention is to connect with your energy on a soul level, and nearly always, your loved ones passed will pop in to show you some love and remind you that they are always around - they never really left.

I receive snippets of information about whom I have with me in spirit.

Your loved ones cannot show me a lifetime of memories in just a few moments, so instead, they show me things that will most likely trigger a confirmation from you of who the person is. Often these are small, random & things that only you would know.

People seek my readings for many reasons, some are yearning for a message from a loved one, others are wanting direction, and a lot of people are simply craving connection.

Whether you're from the Geelong/Melbourne areas and see me face to face in my personal Zen Den, or live interstate/overseas and choose an email or online psychic reading, you will be left feeling more empowered, connected, and loved than ever before, with your eyes opened to a world around you that you cannot see.



My passion is to help people from all over the world , this is why I offer four different reading styles + an ask a question option.






Whether you see me face to face or online, anyone can benefit from my psychic readings.

Please scroll through the below options to see which best suits you.

I truly look forward to hearing from you.

Psychic medium in Melbourne


In person sessions are my favourite. I love seeing peoples joy & emotions, as I relay them messages from the spirit world.

I have a lovingly converted Zen Den in my garden at my home in Lara/Geelong, that has been created specifically for my psychic work. Decked out with candles, and hand-painted artwork, it is truly a magical place. 

Face to face meetings normally run for around 45 minutes, and you are more than welcome to record these with the voice memo feature on your phone. ​.

Many people make the short trip from Melbourne to get a psychic reading with me in my Zen Den.

$200 AUD
Janelle Bridge - Clairvoyant


My email readings are super popular and by far my most ordered reading option. 

They cater to people who are short on time, homebound, live interstate/overseas, or maybe don't feel ready to see me in person just yet. 

I ask your spirit guides & loved ones to step in and come forth with any guidance you need to receive.  

I write down all the messages as they flow through to me. I then take my messy handwritten notes & carefully craft them into a well-written email that will pop up in your inbox for you to read over enjoy as many times as you would like. 

Email readings are the 
gift that keeps giving!!! 

You can easily forward them onto family members and those close to you to enjoy; they will also be able to verify and resonate with the information received.

$85 AUD
Online Psychic Readings


Zoom meetings are similar to an in person psychic reading, but they take place via a computer screen, which we have all become much more comfortable with since COVID-19!

Some clients choose online Zoom readings over email, as they like having the opportunity to ask questions as the reading progresses, rather than receiving a body of text once the reading is complete.


It really just comes down to personal preference.

This option is handy for those who don't live in the Geelong/Melbourne regions and want to experience a face to face psychic medium reading with me, without leaving the comfort of their own home.


Zoom meetings take around 45 minutes and can be recorded via zoom. 

$200 AUD


Do you need some guidance in a particular area? This option is for you. Get answers to specific questions such as:

" How can I get over my ex?"

"What career path is right for me?"

"Should I take a leap of faith and move interstate"

This option is more specific than an email reading. In an email reading, I consult your guides for information that they would like you to hear and this can often be something you were not expecting. I am not a fortune teller and I do not claim to predict your future, but I can provide guidance and help you realise your own inner truth.  

It's important to remember that when you ask me a question, you're opening your energy for to me to read, so keep that question specific to you. For example, if you ask me "Why did my ex leave?" I can connect to your energy and pick up things about the relationship, and information from your guides, but I cannot connect into your exes energy, because they have not opened themselves up to this.


A quick question reading is not the same as an in depth traditional reading, its a way of getting guidance on a particular topic. 

Answers to questions are detailed, not just yes or no answers, and delivered within 5 business days (Monday to Friday).



Some people just feel more comfortable chatting to a medium on the phone, and the truth is you can still have just as good experience with a reading on the phone, compared to in-person or via zoom.

Unlike most other phone psychics that charge anywhere from $3 to $5 per minute, and are very adept at keeping people on the line for as long as possible, I offer a 35-minute phone reading for $75 [Just over - $2 per minute].

And......because I like talking so much, there's a high possibility that your reading will go past the 35-minute timeframe, but I will never charge extra if I continue to keep talking because your reading is flowing so well (I basically can't stop myself, because I love reading for my clients.)


My intention is always to provide you with the information you need to hear, and to have you hang up the phone, feeling as loved and empowered as you deserve to be.   

Hit the "BOOK NOW" button below if you would like to set a time for your phone session with me.

$100 AUD
Phone psychic medium