Some people just feel more comfortable on the phone, and the truth is you can still have just as good experience with a reading on the phone, compared to in-person or via zoom.

There's no pressure at all to 

Unlike most other "phone psychics" that charge anywhere from $3 to $5 per minute, and are very adept at keeping people on the line for as long as possible, I offer a 30-minute phone reading for $60 [$2 per minute].

And......because I like talking so much, there's a high possibility that your reading could go past the 30-minute timeframe, but I will never charge extra if I continue to keep talking because your reading is flowing so well.


My intention is always to provide you with the information you need to hear, and to have you hang up the phone, feeling as loved and empowered as you deserve to be.   

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$60 AUD