My Spiritual Journey


My spiritual journey really took off around 2 years ago, when i really felt the presence of my uncle close. I remember messaging my sister in law and asking who the psychic was that she raved about, she asked why I wanted to go and I explained that I felt my uncle hanging around really strongly and I felt he wanted to tell me something, but I didn't know what. 

The next night I had a very strong visitation dream, where he visited and asked me to help his daughter. I didn't know what a visitation dream was at the time, but soon googled the meaning of spirit dreams and was blown away. The next day I received a phone call from my mum, letting me know what was happening with my cousin, (my uncles daughter) and it turned out she really needed our help. I couldn't stop shaking. I wasn't imagining things, my uncle was pushing me so hard to help, and she needed us. It was a wake up call for me. 

I then became really interested in pyschics, and mediums and was hungry to learn more. I bought many books and began learning. I visited pyschic Michelle Conway and loved every minute of my reading, which was 100% accurate. 

I began attending Sherry Van T Hag's Happy Medium's shows, and loved seeing peoples reactions when their loved ones came through. 

I read Gabby Bernsteins books, and went to see Jackie Gillies live.


By chance I saw local medium Lindie Gunston, advertising an introductory course on facebook, and I jumped at the chance. I enrolled and attended every class eager to learn. 

When I had my first spirit connection I was elated, and since then the connections have been flowing more and more easily. It's become as simple as a conversation with a friend.

I cant wait to connect with you and your loved ones. 

- Janelle xx

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