Empowering Parents


These two are my precious babies, Sebastian and Annabelle. 

My husband Dan and I, have been on our parenting journey for the past nearly 9 years, and  I would in no way describe myself as parenting expert and that is not what I am claiming to be.

I do, however have a fuckload of first hand experience when it comes to feeling powerless, sad, lonely and unworthy as a mother. 


Our beautiful Sebastian was diagnosed with ADHD in Grade Prep at 5 years old. 

After years of being full on and mischievous, and very hard to keep up with I might add!

He sailed through all his milestones, and he regularly outsmarted us as his parents, but when it came to schooling, his teacher called us in for a meeting to let us know he was behind the rest of the class. We knew something else was going on and began the harrowing journey of an ADHD diagnosis. 

From that day on we have had moments of pure fear, self doubt, and sadness. We have sat through countless meetings with specialists, educators, doctors and paediatricians, and been told all the ways our child is lagging, or not behaving in a socially acceptable way. 

I've recently realised its time to release those feelings of self doubt and to realise our power as the parents of these incredible children. To celebrate their talents and quirks.


It's my mission to support parents in the same situation and help them realise their own strength and power. Let's celebrate in the chaos of this parenting business together.