Do you need some guidance in a particular area? This option is for you. Get answers to specific questions such as:

" How can I get over my ex?"

"What career path is right for me?"

"Should I take a leap of faith and move interstate"

This option is more specific than an email reading. In an email reading, I consult your guides for information that they would like you to hear and this can often be something you were not expecting. 

It's important to remember that when you ask me a question, you're opening your energy for to me to read, so keep that question specific to you. For example, if you ask me "Why did my ex leave?" I can connect to your energy and pick up things about the relationship, and information from your guides, but I cannot connect into your exes energy, because they have not opened themselves up to this.

I am not a fortune teller and I do not claim to predict your future, but I can provide guidance and help you realise your own inner truth.


Answers to questions are detailed, not just yes or no answers, and are delivered within 5 business days.(Monday to Friday)

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