So much more than I could've expected!!!

Janelle is amazing! Her abilities are incredible and she has such a beautiful presence about her. Even over zoom, I felt so well looked after. I was looking for a bit of hope and inspiration and she gave me so much more than that. Janelle helped me put so many pieces together and lifted such a huge weight off me. I would recommend her to anyone who is open and willing to listen and learn xxx



First medium reading with Janelle

I was a bit reluctant and not expecting very much from an email reading.. I got a response and it was a little generic but she included in the email that what I had asked her was more of a question style and to respond to her if I wanted more.
So I did and the response actually blew my mind (and my husbands mind who is a big sceptic!)
It was so relative to me and my husband, the reading means so much to us.

I am so so glad I took a chance and went with my gut.
I cannot wait to book in with Janelle again, she is definitely the real deal.


Olga Y

Just what I needed!

I felt so lost and confused in this specific time of my life and didn’t know who I could turn to for support and advice.

Janelle was just what I soon as I read her reply I knew she definitely knew what she was doing and I had reached out to one talented women. Xx



Janelle's psychic gifts & foresight are a blessing!

Janelle's psychic gifts & foresight are a blessing! If you are thinking of seeing a psychic for a reading & are sceptical or unsure, then she is the person to change all that for you. She is genuine & passionate about her work & how it can encourage a person into an uplifted state of being. She has pinpoint accuracy & a very strong intuition & third eye. She takes the time to not only do the reading but to offer the right kind of support & guidance. I am now inspired, assured & have a clear focus moving forwards. Soo thankful to have had a psychic reading with Janelle!



Unbelievable Accuracy.... Resonated with everything and gained more clarity each time I re-read it

Janelle described with specific detail my Great Grandmother from the knitted blanket she wore over her lap in her wheelchair to the pipe she smoked. From this moment on I was enthralled at the accuracy of her reading. I was overcome with emotion and felt so calm, supported and safe in the belief that I am watched over and protected. I appreciate your extremely talented gift so much and fully intend to have another reading soon x


Sam L

Sceptic turned!

I'm usually very sceptical about these sorts of things but after considering psychic readings from my partner saying I should give it a go i couldn't be happier with janelles reading. It gave me closer and comfort with very accurate details about past love one's. Even a few details I didn't know about my mother's side being involved in droving so asked my mum and even she couldn't believe how anyone would know that. I'd like to thank janelle for turning a sceptic can't believe how she knew very personal details wow!



Janelle is AMAZING

Very detailed. Very real. Very very good. I have done two 1 question email readings and loved them both. Janelle is the real deal. I love that she answers very quickly too.


Nicky W

Couldn't be more accurate!

A wonderful reading. Covered soo much and 3 weeks after my reading- things that were described exactly happened. I cannot wait to have another reading ASAP. Thank you so much


Teneale C

Janelle is gifted and her reading was impressive

My twin sister and I both did a reading with Janelle. Being twins we wondered how different the readings would be.

They were both so unique to us individually, with insights that were so specific that only someone with true mediumship abilities would know.

I loved my reading and hope to have another in the future.



Perfect Reading

Very accurate with readings, fast response! Amazing lady
Definitely will be back for more readings and recommend anyone to go and see her for a reading! Affordable price! Thank you



Helped me when I needed direction

I have always been sceptical of psychics but after feeling really lost and directionless I decided to give it a go and she was extremely helpful in guiding me. Thanks so much


Kate N

Loved my reading!

Janelle accurately picked up so many things that she could not have known elsewhere.
She is so good at what she does.
I had an email reading and will be visiting for a face to face when this pandemic stops restrictions




Spot on with everything definitely everything was clear to understand and just touching my brothers personality came through and just that confirmed everything awesome work keep it up thank you once again



Janelle is so gifted!

"Janelle is seriously gifted! The reading she gave me was simply mind blowing. She described every tiny detail about my great aunt with incredible accuracy. Right down to a crocheted blanket"



Thanks so much :)

"Thank you sooooo much for my online reading the other night...
You were spot on with sooo many things, it really blew me away,

 including my Nana that passed away last year, it made my heart all warm and fuzzy"



My Reading Was Amazing!

"I cannot thank you enough! The reading was amazing, professional and so very quick!
I loved how easy the process was and will pass on details to all who are interested!

Thank you again"