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When Owning a Business is Bullshit

This weekend has been absolutely horrible. I should have known it was coming, after the school holidays which consisted of zero child free time and Dan away working on a large booth hire job. During this time we also had an influx of bookings and adding yet another booth to our realm. Not to mention, it's also the beginning of wedding season and the busiest period of the year for me as a celebrant. I feel like I have been muddling through the best I can with two children needing my attention, and my brain simply kicking into survival mode. So this weekend, I made an error in the scheduling of not one, but two booth hires. We also had a couple of stressful staff mistakes and a confused client who booked the wrong hire time. Resulting in the phone ringing non stop, clarifications, apologies, reschedulings and reallocating staff and getting the job done no matter what. The boys played a double gig weekend and I had a wedding to officiate- on top of you know, just 20 booth hires. After melting down today, I got in the shower to wash off the looming anxiety attack, that's been hovering over my head for a while.

All I wanted to do was close the curtains and crawl into bed. But the sun was shining outside and I knew that the vitamin D would probably help to calm my mind. So I made myself a bed on the back deck and lay down to sulk. 30 seconds later I felt four little hands on my hand, giving me a back massage, and the thud of a 30kg Labrador lying down beside me.

My gosh, kids can be tough but they also never allow me to give up, even when I really want to. I their eyes I am a superhero, even when in my own eyes I am complete failure. From here I plan on cleaning up my diet and upping my exercise to get my mind right.

We will then review our processes and continue on to improve our business practises to ensure this never happens again.

With the help of these two smiling faces I will get on top of this shitty, poor me attitude and come out on top and smarter than before.

PS Anxiety is an asshole