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Grow Your Business With Your Blog - My Top Tips.

Now Im not going to harp on about why you should blog, there is so much information out there about WHY you should do it. Putting it into place is another story.

I was always going to seminars and hearing "start blogging" "write blogs" "blog to increase your web presence"

About what exactly? I was working as a celebrant and was completely booked up, I didn't want anymore weddings, I couldn't facilitate them. We had sold our decor company, so I couldn't blog about that and were building our booth hire company.

What could I write about? Photo booths?

I knew the value of blogging but I just didn't know how to put it all into place.

I decided to just do it and after the first few initial blogs on bland topics such as “What You Should Look For in a Photo Booth Company?’ and “Why You Need a Photo Booth at Your Wedding Reception” We were getting bored and lets face it, our blogs were boring! So we needed to think outside the square.

Think outside the square!

I saw an event coming up with popular mum blogger and business woman Sophie Cachia and Abby Gilmore. I offered a free photo booth for the event. They accepted and I went along to the event, had an absolute ball - then I blogged all about it.

Shared .it on social media and was overwhelmed when Sophie herself shared my blog, resulting in 22,0000 visits to our website.

A snapshot from our Google Analytics when Sophie shared the blog!

You can read it here:

This really opened our minds to the possibilities of what we can blog about and we now aim to write across a variety of topics not just standard Photo Booth information.

Our business falls within the events industry, so we can focus on things such as:

  • Weddings

  • Parties

  • Functions

  • Venues

  • Cake makers

  • Decor for parties

  • Experiences

  • An event you're at

Look for events that may be interesting to your and your clients, go and blog about it!

Write a list of all the crazy possibilities you can write about and go for it, it doesn't need to be DIRECTLY related to what you do!

Especially if you run an entertainment type business, go for it, blog about fun things!

Everyone has information they can share, are you a mum running a business? Blog about how you manage your time! Blog about your story about how your business came about.

Make it personal.

People love stories and they love it when you share you story.

Don’t hang out your inappropriate dirty laundry but share some of your genuine thoughts, struggles, challenges - be relatable.

Write about your business knowledge - to share with others in your industry!

When writing blogs, so many people get stuck on writing blogs for their customers only, who else can you share information with? People who do what you do! I’m not saying give away all your tips and tricks, that would be dumb, but share information where you can, and drive people to your website in the process.

We write blogs about the “Booth Biz” for other booth owners to read and learn from, then we share these in the Facebook groups for Photo Booth owners.

Include other businesses in your content and tag them.

If you're blog contains another business such as a unicorn hire at a fourth birthday party. Tag the business when you’re sharing on social media. Increase engagement by doing this as they may share themselves, and you’re contributing to building a relationship with these other businesses.

Our blogging has increased our search engine optimisation significantly and allowed us to rank on the first page of Google for both Melbourne and Geelong, which has gained us so much more business. It has also helped gained us trust and respect as the authority in our field.

Check out Source Bottle for inspiration

Sometimes I get stuck on what to write about, so I peruse to see what they are looking for and use their topics as inspiration for my own blogs. Sometimes I submit my content to them and if its not picked up, I publish this myself. If you're not on the source, get on it now.

Share the love.

As mentioned above, we share our “Booth Biz” blogs to other booth business owners, via Facebook groups, linked in, etc. Think about where you can share yours? Where does it make sense?

Are you blogging about weddings? Could you share to a wedding group? A wedding website may even publish your content.

Just do it!

Blogs that are full of great informative content show you know your field and you’re passionate about it. Well written blogs build trust for the clients, promote you as the chosen authority in your field and drive traffic to your website! Which in-turn makes selling your services so much easer.

The more you do it the easier it becomes! Just go for it.

- J x

Janelle Bridge



Owner of Wooshka Photbooths

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