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A "BAD" kid? There is no such thing!

Today my beautiful 8 year old, Seb reminded me to write a note to his friends mum, to try and organise a playdate in the upcoming school holidays. He and this boy are great mates, they have been in the same class for three years now and they nag me after school each day to organise a playdate. I told them I would write a note to Bobs* (name changed obviously) mum with my phone number asking her to contact me to arrange a playdate for the boys.

I wrote the note and popped it in Sebby's bag and he said "Bob told me I wasn't allowed to come to his birthday party, his mum said I can't because I am a bad kid"

I said "what?" and he repeated again word for word what was said.

My heart shattered into a million pieces.

Sebastian and this boy have never been in trouble together, he has never had an incident with him. They are loud, silly boys, who I often tell to stop saying the word penis over and over.

Yes my child makes silly decisions at times and sometimes gets into trouble but he is EIGHT years old. He is far from a BAD child. Call me a bad mum if you have a problem with my kid, don't call an 8 year old a bad child. There is no such thing.

Where others see a kid who is rough, impulsive, swears at times, gets frustrated and make the call he is a BAD human being.

What they don't see is a child who every single day, makes me park in the same spot at the school, where there is a random cat that responds to him and runs to him for a cuddle every morning.

What they don't see is the way he is so protective of his family and friends.

The first thing he does when he wakes up is say I love you to everyone in our family, including the dogs and cats!

He talks about wanting to become rich so he can buy homes for people who don't have any. Whereas his sister says it would be great because she could buy whatever she wanted.

There is a child from school that he invites to his party every year because no one else invites this little boy to their birthdays.

He is deep and kind and has a much bigger heart than anyone I know.

I wish people would be careful what they say, because all the work we are doing to build up our boy, and all the progress he is working so hard to make can be brought undone by harsh and bullshit words.

The saddest part? My son wasn't even hurt by these words, this is normal for him, and he has the belief in himself that he must be a bad kid.

Do you know that by the time an ADHD child is 12 they will have received 20,000 more negative comments than a child without ADHD. How's that for his self esteem?

Despite our efforts too constantly lift him up, to encourage him to see the kind, beautiful boy that we see. But he is not immune to the judgemental stares in the playground. He hears the rude comments made by other parents.

If anything is "bad" its your bullshit attitude.