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A Celebrant's Guide to Writing Your Own Vows

Most couples I meet with are initially very overwhelmed by the thought of writing their own vows! But I'm pleased to tell you that it is so much easier than you think!

There is a legal requirement that must be included and that is simply the following sentence:

"In the presence of these witnesses, I (full name) take you (full name) as my wedding wife/husband"

Other than that, your vows are simply your promises to each other and they should be the things that are most important to you.

So to start with - have a think about what marriage means to you. Jot down the words that come to mind, for me its "loyalty, trust, commitment , laughter, memories, family and love"

Is it supporting each other through the good and the bad, becoming a family, creating a family? There is no wrong answer!

Here are some more suggestions to help get you started:

You are .........

  • the love of my life

  • my best friend

  • my soulmate

  • the light of my life

  • my partner for life

  • my one true love

  • my angel

  • the beautiful mother of my children

  • the most amazing woman

I want to ......

  • start a family with you

  • travel the world together

  • care for you and share my life with you.

  • grow old with you

  • enjoy each and every day together.

  • experience life together

I will .....

  • support your hopes

  • respect your needs

  • do my best to provide comfort and security in our life together.

  • be a loving husband.

  • respect you and care for you

  • grow with you and grow old with you, loving you more every day of my life

  • be faithful to you

  • respect and love you

  • laugh with you

  • cry with you

  • cherish you always.

  • stand by you, through whatever may come

  • love, trust and cherish you

I promise to ..........

  • care for you always

  • support you in all that you do,

  • help you in all that you need

  • share with you in all that you experience

  • encourage you in all that you try.

  • love you in all that you are.

  • always love you, through happy and hard times, completely and forever

  • cherish you and nurture our relationship

  • love you faithfully through the best and the worst.

  • give myself to you in every way

  • always be there for you.

  • place our marriage above all else.

  • be loyal to these words as long as we both shall live.

  • commit myself totally to you, encompassing all sorrows and joys that lie ahead

  • strive for a happy, loving life for both of us

  • to give you the best of myself, and to ask no more than you can give

  • to be faithful to you,

  • to keep myself open to you

  • to grow along with you’

I am so thankful

  • that I found you

  • for all that you do for me

  • for what we have

  • of the way you look after me

I love.....

  • the way you look after me/ and our family

  • your beautiful eyes

  • the way you support me

  • your stunning smile

  • being silly together

  • everything about you

  • the way you can make me laugh

Pop all of these together and you have a personalised vow that flows nicely.

Don't be afraid to throw in some jokes and personality!

Have fun and enjoy the process.

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