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Coming out of the spiritual closet

Almost two years ago I had a lightbulb moment where my eyes were pried open to the spirit world.

I knew that a family member who had passed many years ago, was close by and seemed to be hanging around me constantly. It was almost as if he was trying to tell me something. I messaged my sister in law and asked her about for the contact details for the pyschic she had recently seen. She asked me why I was wanting to see a pyschic and I messaged her the words "I feel like my uncle has been around me a lot and I feel like he is trying to tell me something"

The next night.I went to bed and had a very vivid dream about my uncle. He was surrounded by white light, he looked really refreshed and well. He held my hand and told me to look out for his daughter, he said " I know you don't know how to help her, but just keep trying"

Upon waking, I made sure I reached out to her and soon realised she was going through some very tough shit, and she really did need some love. My hands and my arms begun shaking, I realised that I had definitely been contacted by my uncles spirit, I wasn't imaging things. It wasn't scary at all, but it was a raw very real moment and it was absolutely bloody fascinating!.

As I type this I know people are going to think I'm nuts. They will doubt the things I write and that's ok.

It was from this point on, that my interest in all things pyschic really peaked. I have always had strong gut feelings and a strong intuition. I always seemed to know things before others did, but I thought I simply paid more attention to little signs in their behaviour, their words, expressions etc. Now I know it's something much more. I would always know what sex someones unborn child was, and if someone was pregnant before they announced it. I would often contact friends just to see how they were and they would answer the phone crying and say "are you pyschic or something??!"

Not long after this happened, I made an appointment online with pyschic Michelle Conway, and I went and saw her in Ballarat for a reading.

She knew things that were impossible to find out elsewhere. She spoke about my Uncle and my Nan. Almost everything that she said resonated with me, although there were a couple of things that I couldn't place at the tome, but did later on when talking to family.

It was such a beautiful experience and I came away knowing I was so loved, and surrounded by so much guidance and support.

I began to cautiously talk about all things pyschic to others, but only with people I felt were that way inclined and non-judgemental.

I then took my beautiful cousin to see Michelle and she picked up on a number of things that were incredibly accurate and she predicted future events that have since come true. I was intrigued by this new world I had opened up. I just could not get enough.

I noticed local pyschic medium, Sherry Van T Hag was advertising her events locally and I took my mum and we sat in on a group reading. 10 people all got individual readings, and we were present to see their reactions and see the information that came through get validated and to witness the healing taking place as a result of those readings. It was fascinating.

I then went to another two of Sherry's show. I didn't event care about getting a reading myself. I just loved watching the spirit connections unfold. I purchased Sherry's book and loved reading about all her stories within the spirit world.

I then saw Jackie Gillies was coming to Geelong, so I eagerly registered her event, purchased her book and just couldn't get enough!

I had also started to research and partake in alternate therapies for my son Sebastian's ADHD such a reiki and kinesiology. As most of you are aware we have had a really hard year and I needed some time for me, so I began attending some women's circles and full moon meditations. The things that came to me in these circles were so comforting and life affirming. For those interested, these were through the gorgeous Laura at North of the Hill.

I randomly came across an ad on facebook for a beginners pyschic development course with Lindie Gunston. I thought "fuck it I'm going to give this a go!" I emailed Lindie and enrolled. My goodness I am so glad I did.

Lindie gently coached us to trust our abilities as the weeks went on the connections coming though were so amazing. Through leaps of faith and validation of the people we were reading for I began to blow my own mind! It truly is such a beautiful thing to be able to communicate with loved ones who have past.

I've realised through opening these doorways and partaking in this practises, that I have been really empowered to feel strong within my own choices and true to my self, and what "feels" right.

I feel that my true calling has always been to help people and Im so excited to be on this journey.

- Janelle xx

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