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Full Moon Release Ritual

Full moons are a time for celebration. Whether you simply sip on some herbal tea and quietly nourish and celebrate by yourself, or sit in a women's circle and celebrate together, following current COVID guidelines of course

The full moon is a time of releasing. During this time, we are letting go of the old, so we can make room for the new intentions we will set at time of the new moon. It can be a great time to let go of anything that no longer serves you. Whether that be limiting beliefs, self-doubt, negative repeating patterns etc.

The first time I used this powerful ritual, was around a year ago. I was struggling with the way I felt about my body. Like many women, I could easily get caught up focusing on the things I didn't like, the things that made me feel like I wasn't enough, or I was too much.

I wanted to release the negativity and start relishing in the fact that I'm whilst I'm not perfect and but I'm pretty bloody awesome.

So I wrote down what I wanted to let go of, those feelings of unworthiness and released them to the full moon.

This worked so well for me.

I have also used this to come to terms with my child's additional needs, to eliminate any doubt in my own parenting skills, to banish any doubt in my psychic abilities.

I have included instructions for one of my favourite full moon rituals below.

What you will need:

  • A candle & lighter or matches

  • A loose leaf sheet of paper

  • A pen

  • A fireproof bowl

On the next full moon, take some time to sit quietly, I always find that lighting a candle helps me to start the process of setting my intentions and quieting my mind.

Step 1Create a Sacred Space.

Where possible, go outside under the energetic power of the moon. If you don't feel comfortable outside, find a quiet place to sit inside and turn on some relaxing music. Place crystals or other special items around you.

Step 2Become Present.

Take some time to bring your awareness to your breathing and try and relax into the process.

Step 3Write down everything you want to release

Write down the things you would like to release on the piece of paper.

Write down everything you want to release. What limiting beliefs do you want to be free from?

There may be a lot you want to get onto that paper, or there may just be one thing that's troubling you.

Step 4 - Take the piece of paper and light it on fire.

Watch as the smoke takes your intentions to the Universe.

Once it's burning, you can place in a fire-safe bowl.

Step 5 - Bury the ashes in the earth

Once the paper is nothing but ashes, you can take the ashes and bury them in the soil.

Step 6 Reflect.

Sit in silence and release all the negativity you have toward these problems, forgive the situation or person (even if it's you!) Thank the Universe for taking care of this situation on your behalf.

Go forth with your life, and take actions to continue to help your rele

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