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How to Make Intuition Your Super Power.

"Intuition is the ability to tune in and gather information, even if there are not logical facts to support it. It's that 'red flag' or that 'knowing' that you can't quite explain but if you follow it, it will guide you toward making good decisions... " Theresa Read

Some experts claim that most of the time, we humans we act intuitively – that is, without knowing why we do the things we do. But what is the evidence for these claims? And what is intuition anyway?

For me, intuition is just knowing things, or getting a random idea/inspiration to do something. Even if I'm not sure why, I'll be guided to do whatever it is, from checking in on a friend, making a meal for someone, to randomly beginning another renovation. (Generally without finishing the last one!)

A friend mentioned to me recently, that she had been talking to a mutual friend about me when COVID hit. (We lost our entire business in the first lot of restrictions) This beautiful soul suggested my friend send me some of the jobs available within her workplace.. My friend said "No she wont need it. Things just seem to happen for her"

I think this is because my blinkers about how life “should” be are well and truly off, which allows me to see the opportunities being opened around me in all kinds of situations, and I’m quite happy to wander down any garden path that the universe opens a gate to.

For instance, in the month before this pandemic hit, I had a very random idea, to clean out our wooden garden shed, and turn it into a room. This idea landed in my head, and I mentioned it to my husband Dan. He said "Nah it'll be too hard, I'll buy one, specifically for you and put it in the back garden." But it didn't make sense to me! I thought I'm just going to use what we have and see what I can do. Long story short - I didn't listen. I rarely do!

Out of nowhere, I began cleaning out the room, which was a massive job. It was chocked full of things that had actually been thrown in and the door slammed shut before anything could fall out, think a Tupperware cupboard mentality, but the size of a room.

I then swept and scrubbed, then painted every tiny nook and cranny, laid the floor and hooked up some electrics. I wasn't sure what I was using this room for, maybe an office, maybe a space? I just knew I needed to finish it. I cant say I had any idea a global pandemic was coming, because I absolutely did not.

But something told me to make this little room - I acted intuitively.

This room, now affectionately named the Zen Den, has been an absolute godsend for me. We have been quarantined in this tiny little cottage for 14 weeks now, being able to escape to this room, has been a sanity saver. This little room has been where all my little psychic dreams have been brought to life, and this pandemic has given me the time to explore and develop all of this further.

Another way that I notice my intuition working, is when Dan has hired a new staff member for our business, and I will straight up say I don't feel right abut them, he will generally present me with all their good attributes and I will agree to give them a chance, and sure enough they prove to be dishonest or very unreliable.

There has been times when I have ignored my intuition, I remember asking someone close to me what was going on, they went into this big story, and I suddenly thought "she's lying" but I ignored it, as I didn't want to believe she was lying to me. It 's a very big judgment call to accuse someone of lying, but I just knew, and I was proven right.

So how do I access my intuition?

In order to access your own intuition, you'll need to find time to quiet your mind, and that doesn't mind you need to meditate, although you definitely try and squeeze some meditation into your schedule!!

For me, stilling my mind can be whilst cooking, going for a run, or painting something. I'm not a painter but I find painting something within the home ticks the box of being productive but also quieting my thoughts at the same time.

“A quiet mind is able to hear intuition over fear.”

When you do this, you might get a random thought like "I wonder how Z is doing? I might shoot him a message" That's your intuition at work.

You don't need to read into it further, you don't need all these fancy signs from the universe, everything you need is already within you.

So is it a "gut feel"?

Some people use the term "gut feel" to describe intuition. I don't particularly like this term, as I feel anxiety manifests in the gut and then that becomes confusing. Am I experiencing anxiety or is this intuition.

As a person who suffers from anxiety, I can tell you that anxiety presents s in a powerful, and all encompassing way, whereas intuition gently whispers.

Anxiety generally makes you feel as if you're out of control, but intuition hits when you are calm and receptive. The messages normally don't come with any emotion attached, they just present in your mind and leave. Use this quiet time that we are now getting, to really listen to your mind, your body and your intuition.

How has your intuition helped you? I'd love to hear your stories,

Much love,


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