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Mixed Connections and the Weird Ways that Spirits Connect

Over the past two weeks, I have thrown myself into doing email readings for others. Connecting with spirit is something I have been working on for the past two years or so. But something that has really amplified for me over this pandemic. With the quality of information that was coming through, I decided to advertise a few readings online.

Let me tell you, I was blown away by the amount of bookings that came through. My phone would not stop dinging with internet bookings.

I had to mark them as sold out to give myself a chance to stop, and calmly and peacefully go through them all.

I really threw myself into in and waded through over 20 readings. within two weeks. Mediumship really is a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. However, this is still a very new journey for me. I'm developing and uncovering new techniques as I go, as well as hitting some emotional blocks that I need to work through myself. It's a fucking journey, let me tell you. Im so grateful for those I can bounce these emotions off as they arise.

One reading in particular, the connection was so incredibly clear. I had this wonderful man come through, his persona was incredibly magical. He showed me so many things, and everything was so clear. I saw random things, like beekeeping , his specific clothing, his vege gardens etc. I then saw very personal details for the person I was reading, for instance, financial worries, a cancelled trip on a cruise ship due to Covid19, that they had experienced visitations dreams etc.

I excitedly sent this reading off, and then got the feedback that nothing connected in any way shape or form. I was absolutely devastated. I actually cried.

It was then brought to my attention that this reading was purchased by someone else as a gift, but I wasn't aware of this. The reading was purchased by K, for A. With A's details entered into the purchase page. So I was reading the energy I had received and sent it across to A. A couldn't connect so she sent it on to K, and K was blown away and a little freaked out by the fact that everything was so spot on for her. She wasn't prepared for a reading but she got one anyway.

It proved to me how strong energy really is, and how clever spirit are. They don't care about a name, they are connecting on a soul level.

Another interesting moment for me, was I had a young man come into my room in spirit. He didn't connect to any of the readings I was currently doing, but he was there. I put a post out on my page describing his personality and some memories he was showing and of course, I had a lot of messages from people hoping it was their loved one coming through.

I was drawn to two people in particular who were messaging me. I really couldn't decide between the two, so I gave them some further information and let each of them know "I'm being drawn to your energy, but also one other lady. The energetic pull is very strong for both of you. I'm trying to work out where it sits" One of them replied and said " Is the other person ? As that is my cousin!"

Bang! The energy was right on! The spirit was definitely wanting to talk to them both, and I was able to pass on a message that this man was wanting to get through.

Another beautiful moment, was someone who had recently passed, coming through with a quick message to tell his wife. I recognised him, as I was lucky enough to officiate their wedding a few years ago.

He told me a few specific things, and I knew he wanted to pass this on to his wife. I messaged her to make sure she was open to receive a message and she was. The messages made complete sense to her and made me laugh and cry at once.Was such a beautiful moment to witness.

I feel truly blessed, tired and in awe and wonder of all the things we cannot see.

Much love,


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