Being a celebrant has been absolutely, amazingly wonderful for me and my family over the past 7 years.  It was in in 2010 that I made the "shower decision" to become a celebrant. I was working full time in a job I hated and I wanted to create a family of my own in the very near future.  

I knew that had to be more to life than working an awful 9-5 whilst someone else brought up my future children, so I started looking for ways to "beat the system"

I have always loved the idea of marriage and love, and romance, all that kind of soppiness! I was a reasonable writer and confident public speaker, so becoming a celebrant sounded perfect and it absolutely was... 

I quickly became very busy, and this wonderful career allowed me to stay home with my children., raising them and helping our family financially, plus having a creative outlet that I loved! 

Now that my eldest child has started schooling, I am only taking on a limited amount of weddings every year on a referral basis. Whilst this is bittersweet for me, I'm also so grateful that I can continue to mould my lifestyle and commitments around my children.

Hopefully you'll find my years of experience in the industry valuable throughout the links provided on my website. 

- Janelle x

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